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Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds for Autism in 2022

If your kid on the autism spectrum disorder is hypersensitive to noises at school, in a concert or in the bus, you want them wearing this hip noise cancelling headphones designed by the National Autism Resources. For one, they are cool, comfy and have a NRR of 25 decibels.

While noise cancelling headphones are great for autistic kids who feel overwhelmed, unfocused and uneasy in rowdy environments where there is blaring disco music, noisy kids or uncoordinated noises in the streets, they make the child easily noticeable easily by their peers. You really do not want your child drawing attention to themselves everywhere they go because they have this large, conspicuous headphones hanging around their head, do you? No, you don’t. What if I told you that there are some great discrete noise cancelling earbuds for autism that do their job just like the headphones with the difference being that they are small and easily concealable. Well, welcome top my review of these earbuds for autism.

A great gift for your autistic teenager, these earbuds will prove invaluable in noise reduction or even cancelling out all the noise when the kid needs to be focused and the environment that they are in is rowdy and does not allow for concentration.

Why the need to buy some Noise Cancellling Earbuds

They are great for autistic or ADHD kids who have auditory processing disorder

They muffle out unwanted noises in the environment so that the wearer can focus on one thing. Say for example that you have taken your kid out to the movie theater or to a restaurant and want them to not get distracted by the too much noise in the background, then such earmuffs will work out great

They help in protecting a kid’s ears from excessive noise.

They are comfortable to wear and fits snugly on little heads.

Toddlers when they go to new places will become uncomfortable because of too much noise since they are not used to the place and the noises, they will therefore need these earplugs as they get adjusted to the new environment.

Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds for Autism and Sensory Processing Disorders

#1: Inbound Vibes High Fidelity Concert Earplugs

As the name suggest, the Vibes high fidelity earplugs are great when you have gone to rowdy concerts and you are unable to concentrate because of the much noise emanating from the enormous speakers as well as the din from the people at the concert. For an autistic person, this is too much auditory stimulation and it would almost drive them crazy as they endure in such environments.

The Vibes High Fidelity earbuds are almost invisible; what with their glass clear outer shell. This makes the person wearing them look discrete and no one will have to know that you are wearing some noise cancelling earbuds unless of course if you tell them. This feature makes the Vibes devices unique and endearing to autistic teenagers who want to attend social functions without drawing so much attention or getting overwhelmed by the loud noise.

What we Loved about the Vibes High Fidelity Earbuds

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Discrete and almost invisible design
  • Great for cancelling or reducing background noise so that the autistic person can focus on what they want.
  • Easily portable because they are lightweight.

What we did not like about the Vibes High Fidelity earbuds

  • The buds are really tiny and therefore easily swallowable by kids aged below 3 years. They actually warn that you do not buy the earbuds for a kid less than 3 years since they could choke on them as they try to chew.
  • Rather expensive.

#2. Eargasm High Fidelity Earbuds

eargasm noise cancelling earbuds for autism
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Another set of almost invisible and therefore discrete design of earbuds is the Eargasm High Fidelity. With a clear outer shell, no one will notice that you are actually wearing some noise reduction devices. The eargasm earbuds also do a great job in noise elimination for autistic children who get overstimulation when they are in grocery stores, movie theatres, school compound or even restaurants where there will be lots of people engaging in lots of talk and all form of communication.

What we Loved about the Eargasm Earbuds

  • Invisible, discrete design
  • Great for noise reduction
  • Small enough and lightweight

What we did not like about the Eargasm buds

  • Rather expensive.

3. Etymotic Ety Earbuds

Etymotic ety noise reduction earplugs for autism
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Probably the cheapest earbuds that you can get out there, the Etymotic Ety earbuds help muffle unwanted noises when you are in the bus, in a restaurant or even in movie theaters making it a great accessory for autistic individuals.

What we loved about the Etymotic Ety buds

  • They are small enough to fit.
  • Cheap even for low income people

What we did not like about them

  • Not very discrete. One can see them and so when you walk into a crowd of people, some will know that you have them.

3. Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds

bose noise cancelling earbuds
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Other than being a great accessory for music, the Bose QuietComfort earbuds can interchangeably be used by autistic kids who want to muffle out the background noises in a school setting, in the bus or in a crowded street. With an aware mode button, you can activate sounds from the outside so that you can know what is happening in the background. The aware mode can be used when you are walking on the streets and you want to hear voices such as when a car is beeping or when someone is calling you out.

What we loved about the Bose Quietcomfort earbuds

  • They are great in muffling unwanted noises helping the child to focus
  • They have an aware button so that one can choose to hear what is happening in the outside world
  • Helps the child focus without being interrupted.