The nemechek protocol for autism and developmental disorders

One of the people who has given high hopes to parents whose children are on the autism spectrum disorder has to be Dr. Patrick Nemechek. And according to the feedback as well as the nemechek protocol reviews that you will find on Amazon, it probably does a good job.

What Nemechek argues in this book of his is that autism can be reversed. He says that all the brain damage seen as autism was first caused by propionic acid from the gut.

Therefore to reverse from autism, one needs to make sure that everything is okay in the stomach sector so that negative propionic acid is no longer produced.

To heal your gut from this propionic acid, you will need to give your kid inulin, extra virgin oil and omega 3.

Dr. Patrick Nemechek says that though it takes time to see changes in your child’s behavior and development, you will surely see it once the toddler’s gut is healed. There will also be an awakening period when your child might be agitated, more anxious but you need not worry since the protocol is taking effect.

Reading the Nemechek protocol book

I was able to read through the Nemechek protocol book and I must say that though the method is said to work, his book must be one of the most technical books that I have ever touched. There was so much medical jargon that I just could not keep up with it.

At the same time, Dr Nemechek does not really give the correct dosage that one would need to give their child. He also does not tell you where exactly to get the ingredients for this his nemechek protocol.

Fortunately, the dosage as well as the brands of products to buy is shared throughout the Internet in this groups where the protocol is discussed.